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New Product- Custom Engraved River Rock Memorials

twinkie river stone
OUT OF STOCK!! update 2020: we no longer carry these river rocks. Sorry for the inconvenience...

We are pleased to announce a new product the River Rock Memorial. These are made from cobble stones, quarried here in Central New York. The stones are 8-9 inches across and are like little boulders. Each river rock comes with two lines of text 3-4 words per line and cat or dog prints if you like. We have found that our Jasmine font works best for the river stones.

New Product - Horse Memorials

Horse Memorials

   For years we have been making horse memorials by special request. Today we have finally added Horse Memorial Stones as a product to our website. It is the same stone as our Large Pet Headstone ; however, we have put together a chart of the popular horse related graphics we have collected over the years.
Horse Stone Graphics

New Product - Pet Garden Stone

garden pet stone
     I'm pleased to announce a new product we will be offering starting today, the Pet Memorial Garden Stone. It is made of bluestone like our other pet memorials; however, the bluestone is a brownish/tan color. These are more irregularly shaped with a more rounded bottom than our regular stones. Here is a comparison of our blanks:

Can you make a stone that's not a pet memorial?

We often have customers ask if we can make a stone that's not for a pet. The answer is absolutely!

Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

This post is just a little shameless promotion for my friends Kim and Adam over at Fall Hill Bead and Gem. One of the unique things about our area is that the limestone bedrock contains "Herkimer Diamonds". These are quartz crystals that have 17 sides and can only be found here and one other place on earth. Kim and Adam make these into some beautiful wire wrapped jewelry. You can see pictures of the diamonds and jewelry by clicking the link above. You should check it out.

New Product Offering

We Now are offering Pet Monuments which are polished versions of our regular Pennsylvania Bluestone pet memorial stones. They are the same size as our large stones only they are all made from our two inch stock. Because they are so smooth, we are able to get smaller writing on the stone as well as more lines of text. They are a little fancier as well for those of you who would like some thing natural but special

Making Gravestones for Pets for a Living

In recent years I've often reflected on how odd my particular vocation is. If you were to ask me in high school what I would end up doing for a living, I would never have come up with making gravestones for pets. Although, in an odd way, it fits me and my interests quite well. The odd twists and turns that have brought me to make memorials for pets as my occupation have been unpredictable to say the least. I guess in life you never know...

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement could use your help!

    On December 11th Morgan Chase Bank is doing some charitable giving. The APLB may receive a portion of this if they receive enough votes. To do your part and vote follow this link . Apparently your facebook account can be inactive, but you will need to become a fan.

   The APLB found out just today that this was going on so, they could use a hand. Thanks - Jeremy

Welcome to our new site and blog

Well, we finally did it we upgraded our old site. It served us well for the past many years but, it was time for some changes.

Now it is possible to order multiple pet memorials without entering your information twice! I guess its about time. Among other upgrades you will notice, we have added a way to include a card along with your pet memorial on the order forms.

Oh, and of course there is this, the blog. Well be using it to tell you about what's new, discounts, interesting stuff, ect. If you have any feed back for us on the new site please let us know

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