About Our Pet Memorials

     Unlike many online pet memorial sellers, we make our stones ourselves. Our pet memorial stones go through many stages in the creation process. First, our stones are hand shaped using hammers and chisels. Only the best pieces of stock stone are chosen. We select our stone for color, appearance, and durability. Any pieces that have fissures get weeded out. Because each stone is shaped by hand, we can create a relatively uniform product that is pleasing to the eye.

      Next, the stones are tumbled to give the edges a smoothed natural appearance. They are tumbled in a giant rock tumbler with water and smaller stones to soften the edges.

     A computer generated stencil is created to your specifications. The special stencil is placed on the stone. We then engrave our stones approximately a quarter inch deep using a sand carving process. We then paint our stones with a 30 year stone paint. This paint is the industry standard for monuments. Finally, the stones are touched up and packed securely and shipped to you.

      Every step of the way, careful consideration and attention to detail are excercised to make sure you are getting a quality stone. We know these stones are very special to their recipients and we really want you to be pleased with your purchase.