Memorial Stones for Rabbits


Our small size stone is the most popular for memorializing pet rabbits. It is 8-10" across and 1.5" thick. You can see our rabbit graphics to the right. If you would like a rabbit graphic on any of our other size stones like our Medium or Large Headstone, enter "rabbit chart" and the number of the rabbit graphic in the comments section. You can see some more examples of our rabbit memorials in the Rabbit section of our Headstone galleries.

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rabbit memorial graphics chart
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Pellani Family,
We placed the stone on Brownie's resting place this morning. Thanks for the beautiful memorial stone for our much-loved rabbit.
The Schott Family

Almost two years ago I got a memorial stone for my dog Sweetie. Looks as good today as the day I got it. My disabled daughter lost her bunny and her kitty, she wanted me to get markers for her pets. So happy to return to your site for this service. Pets that make our lives happy and bearable should never be forgotten. Thanks so much for your service.

The lost of Snookums was devastating, The stone you made for us is so nice,It
will be a marker of true friend,and hopefully help us with the grieving we
Thank you,

Thank you so much for the beautiful stone. I was really surprised how pretty it is. It's nice to walk into my back yard and have a memory garden I find peaceful.